Below you will find an exhaustive guide to the characters in "The Archangel Chronicles," up to and including book six, The Bone Cup. In any case, I hope readers find this guide useful.

~ L. J.


Michael: Oldest of the Archangels, Michael is shy and retiring by nature. He finds social situations discomforting and has difficulty relating to humans and the younger angels. Despite his frequent confusion, Michael loves humanity and does his best to do the right thing for them. He has in the past lived as a slave in order to more completely understand the human condition, and has spent so long living under the heel of repression that Gabriel thinks Michael has forgotten that there's more to humanity than sorrow and pain. Serious and thoughtful, Michael is also the most selfless, compassionate and kind of all angelkind... unless one is a demon. Then he is Heaven's most fearsome warrior. He fights predominantely with two swords, in the style of Chinese wudang. Michael also commands an elite worldwide force of shifter combatants called the Venatores, who are trained to fight evil and are usually ex-military forces, police or firemen/woman.
Titles: Chief Archangel, Prince of Heaven, Archangel of Repentance, Righteousness, Mercy and Sanctification, Tutelary Sar of Israel, Guardian of Jacob, Commander in Chief of the Armies of Heaven, Destroyer of Satan, Chief of the Sun, patron saint of policemen, a Grail angel.
Power: Coloured gold.
Appearance: As a Chinese man with a strong, muscled body, in his mid-to-late thirties. Keeps his hair short cropped for the most part, except during extended periods of war or conflict, when it grows long and is held back in braids. He is generally clean-shaven and has a lot of battle scars on his body. In his female form, he has waist-length straight black hair and dark eyes, and is very slender, except for his arms, which are well-muscled. He has a tattoo of a psalm in Hebrew on his right bicep and on his back, a black-ink tattoo of a sword.
Wings: Russet feathers, like an eagle owl.
Relationship: Bonded to Archangel Gabriel. Monogamous.

Gabriel: Next in age, Gabriel is almost the polar opposite of Michael. He is outgoing and jovial, good natured and given to partying, drinking, smoking, having a lot of sex, swearing, and living life to the fullest. Many find Gabriel easier to deal with than Michael, so he's often asked to tell Michael things because people fear him less. However, he has a terrible temper and loses it easily. He fights with sword and dagger, both of which he made out of fallen stars. His combat style is medieval European, a mixture of Byzantine and the German combat manual, I.33 from 1300A.D.
Titles: Archangel of War, Mercy, Revelation and Annunciation, the Strength of God, God's Rage and Jealousy, General of God's Armies, Commander of the Seraphim, Left Hand of God, Destroyer of Sodom and Gommorah, Dictator of the Koran to Mohammed, Chief of the Moon, a Grail Angel.
Power: Silver.
Appearance: Short blond hair, bright blue eyes, white, his accent is that or a northern Englishman, such as a Northumbrian. He is tall and well-muscled, and dresses elegantly, as comfortable in a three piece suit as he is jeans and a t-shirt. He has the appearance of a man in his early forties and has a lot of battle scars on his body. He is clean-shaven. In his female form, he has shoulder-length wavy blond hair and blue eyes, and is rather curvaceous. He has a stylised 'H' tattooed onto his left hip, and a blackwork phoenix on his right bicep.
Wings: Black, grey and white, like a vulture.
Relationship: Bonded to Archangel Michael. Monogamous.

Raphael: Raphael is an easy-going, congenial personality, friendly and compassionate to a fault. He has a soft, deep voice, and likes to sing with church congregations. Raphael lends a helping hand to all of those who need it, and likes to joke and laugh. Of all the Archangels, Raphael understands humanity the best, as he has seen the best and worst and everything in between. He rarely fights, but when he does, his style of combat is single sword, in the Viking tradition.
Titles: Archangel of Healing and Medicine, Prayer, Joy and Light, Overseer of the Evening Winds, Angel of the Sun.
Power: White. Appearance: Raphael has an English accent and black, curly hair. He has a ready smile and is Black. He is clean-shaven. Wings: White, like a dove. Relationship: Bonded to Israfel, Angel of Music.

Uriel: Uriel is one of the most cantankerous of all angelkind. He has little use for humanity, calling them all carbon apes, a pun on 'carbonate,' as he finds the frequent effervesence of some humans extremely annoying. He has no patience and a great love of fire. He dislikes being touched, the exceptions to that being Raziel, Ishtahar and Agrat. Uriel is extremely sarcastic and not shy about stating his (usually unpopular) opinions. His combat style is single-handed sword, commonly used by Crusader Knights in the First and Second Crusades. Uriel is also the Archangel who counselled Noah and unleased the Flood that became known as Noah's Flood.
Titles: Archangel of Sanctification, Fire, and Vengeance, Guardian of the Gates of Hell, Guardian of Eden, Fire of God, angel of thunder.
Power: Orange.
Appearance: Tall, with wavy blond hair, blue eyes, and with a sarcastic smirk on his lips. He is well-muscled in his upper body and has a slightly hairy chest. He has a light stubble on his face and has a lot of battle scars on his body.
Wings: Dark grey, like a hawk.
Relationship: Bonded to Archangel Raziel. Monogamous.

Tzadkiel: Tzadkiel is calm and quiet, content to watch and listen more than actively participate. This is part of what makes him such a good spy. He is good-natured and compassionate, except when it concerns demons, where he is instantly suspicious and paranoid. Tzadkiel is the only Archangel to have spent a large sum of money on a modern penthouse appartment, living in his favourite city, Savannah, Georgia. He has a tattoo of the cross on his left bicep. Not as muscled as Michael, Gabriel and Uriel, he is, however, fit and toned. He fights with a sword similar to Uriel's and in similar style.
Titles: Archangel of Judgement, Chief of God's Secret Police, Commander of the Ophanim, angel of Jupiter.
Power: Copper coloured.
Appearance: White American male in his mid-to-late forties, slightly balding and so his hair is very close cropped. Bright blue eyes, an easy smile, pointed chin and quite tall, just over 6 foot. Tattoo as above.
Wings: Spotted and banded black on white, like a peregrine falcon.
Relationship: None, although there is speculation among the Brotherhood of Archangels that he is involved with his two lieutenants, Brieus and Sophiel.

Samael: Samael is a solitary angel who keeps to himself and stays in the shadows. Because of what he does, he is shunned by most of angelkind, who miss out on the gentle, caring and loving personality that is the Archangel of Death. He is generous to a fault and loved Gabriel's adopted children as if they were his own. Samael speaks rarely, and is most comfortable when alone, finding beauty in solitude. Aside from that, he is also closest to Gabriel and Remiel, and he has a great love of wildflowers and horses. He fights with a two-handed longsword called a takouba, in the tradition of the Tuareg, the peoples of the central and central-west Sahara.
Titles: Archangel of Death Power: Indigo. Appearance: Black Ghanean man with an English accent, tall, muscular, and bald and has a lot of battle scars on his body.
Wings: Black, like a raven.
Relationship: None.

Remiel: A boyish, fun-loving Archangel, Remiel enjoys his beer, his football (soccer), and his motorcycle. He is tenacious and loyal, wise and compassionate. He has been in love with Ishtahar since she was a girl in Eden, and has hated Semjaza since those days. He's cheerful and quick to joke around, but he is also given to brooding and worrying. He fights with a hand-and-a-half bastard sword.
Titles: Archangel of Mercy and Visions, Guide to Judgement, angel of thunder.
Power: Dark green.
Appearance: Just under 6 foot tall, lean and limber, Remiel has strawberry blond hair, freckles and blue-green eyes. He has a Scottish accent and on his right bicep, a tattoo of a dagger, heart and roses with Ishtahar's name and the name Hashem (one of the names of God).
Wings: Russet, tan, white and black, like those of a Mandarin duck.
Relationship: Long-term committment to Ishtahar.

Haniel: Cheerful and easy-going, it takes a lot to make Haniel angry. Not even demons--unless they're trying extra hard--can rouse him to rage. Once he is enraged, however, watch out, for his fury is like Uriel's. As he's in a good mood most of the time, it's not often seen. He likes cooking and singing and lives in India, because he loves the spices and scents of the markets there. He works out and so is toned, but is not as muscled as Michael, Gabriel or Uriel. He doesn't fight often, but when he does, his sword is a talwar, which is an Indian sword, modeled on the Persian scimitar.
Titles: Archangel of Love, Guardian of Innocents, angel of Venus.
Power: Red.
Appearance: Around the same height as Remiel, straight black hair that reaches nearly to his shoulders, bright eyes and a ready smile. He has the appearance of an Indian man from Kolkata, olive skin, very full lips and he has a black knotwork tattoo on his left pectoral.
Wings: Soft grey, like a grey dove.
Relationship: None.

Metatron: Metatron is a serious individual, given to very dry humour. He spends most of his time in Heaven and so has a limited understanding of humanity. His anger is slow to show itself. When he fights, he uses a scimitar.
Titles: Archangel of the Voice of God, Angel of the Covenant, Chancellor of Heaven, Scribe of God.
Power: Pale blue.
Appearance: The tallest of the Archangels, he is of Maori appearance.
Wings: Mottled white and pale gray like a goose.
Relationship: None.

Raziel The youngest Archangel and also the cheekiest, Raziel has been called the brat prince of Heaven. He is very impatient and very intelligent and finds it difficult to relate to those who aren't quite so clever. He loves books, science, learning, and swimming; he enjoys drinking, smoking and sex. Raziel is sarcastic and sometimes cutting in his remarks, but he enjoys humanity and all aspects of life on Earth. He doesn't fight often, but when he does, it's with a single-handed sword, similar to Uriel.
Titles: Archangel of Secrets and Mysteries and Science, Author and Keeper of the Sefer Raziel book of magic, angel of the Grail.
Power: Bronze.
Appearance: One of the shorter Archangels at 5 foot 8 inches, with shoulder-length dark brown hair and blue eyes, pale skin and an English accent. He has a tattoo of an ouroboros on the inside of his left wrist and a band of Celtic knotwork around his left upper arm.
Wings: Dusky brown and white wings, like the swan goose.
Relationship: Bonded to Archangel Uriel.

Israfel: Music is Israfel's life. Without music, there would be no Israfel. In Heaven, Israfel composed and sang all the hymns to God and taught the other angels to sing. All music everywhere has the touch of Israfel and it is his favourite thing. He also enjoys drinking and dancing, and has, in times past, indulged in psychotropic drugs with his best friend, Tabbris, Angel of Free Will. Israfel freely admits that he's not very smart, but he refuses to let that depress him. He is a sunny personality and has a great love of TV soap operas and cooking.
Titles: Angel of Music.
Power: Blue.
Appearance: Slender, with mussed dark blond hair, bright blue eyes and pouty lips. Has a tattoo of musical notations as a sleeve on his upper left arm.
Wings: Brown, black and white, like a sparrow.
Relationship: Bonded to Archangel Raphael.

Tabbris: Almost as curmudgeonly as Uriel, but with more of a fondness for humanity and a lust for life. As the youngest of all angelkind, he has been spoiled by the rest of the angels, and so is demanding, willful and given to temper tantrums when he doesn't get his own way. Frequently insults Michael, his favourite insult being "Donkey face," and is Israfel's best friend. He is tolerated by the other Archangels, although Raphael feels a great deal of compassion for him, seeing through the brash facade to the vulnerable soul beneath.
Titles: Angel of Free Will.
Power: Purple.
Appearance: White American male in his late-twenties, with a purple mohawk, pierced nose, lip, labret, eyebrow and ears. His arms, chest and back are covered in tattoos.
Wings: Dyed purple to match his mohawk.
Relationship: None.

Agrat bat Mahlat: One of the four Holy Succubi, called the Whore of God. She is a strong-willed angel, who sees beauty everywhere and feels a strong affinity for the Asian continent. She loves to dance and is devoted to her husband, Shateiel. She uses glamours to change her appearance when it's required, and her touch to beguile minds so that humans will do her bidding. She is friendly and easy-going and not easily offended.
Titles: Whore of God, Angel of Prostitution and Sex and Procreation.
Power: Red.
Appearance: Agrat looks like a Korean woman, with long black hair and dark blue eyes. She has a firefly tattooed on her right ankle.
Wings: Brown and grey.
Relationship: Married/Bonded to Shateiel, Angel of Silence and Soldiers.

Shateiel: A warrior angel, and most trusted lieutenant of Gabriel, Shateiel is stoic, calm and not easy to rile up. He is most often amused where others are offended, and finds great entertainment in the absurdities of existence. He is devoted to Agrat and to Gabriel. Shateiel fights with sword and dagger, like Gabriel. As he is mute, Shateiel communicates solely by telepathy, unlike the rest of angelkind who speak out loud as well as use telepathy.
Titles: Angel of Silence and Soldiers.
Power: Silver-blue.
Appearance: Tall and muscular, he has a lot of scars on his body. His accent is a curious mixture of Australian and British. His dark blond hair is cropped close and he has blue eyes.
Wings: Brown and white.
Relationship: Married/Bonded to Agrat, Angel of Prostitution, Sex and Procreation.

Camael: Naive to many things, Camael has spent most of his existence in Heaven, only leaving when required to fight in battles against demons. As such, he finds a lot of his preconceptions about humanity shattered the longer he spends on Earth. He is obedient to his orders, following them to the letter. He fights with a single-handed sword, like Uriel, and is a Seraph, under the command of Gabriel.
Titles: Angel of War.
Power: Silver-blue.
Appearance: Tall, broad-shouldered, light brown hair and blue eyes, usually wearing chain mail armour.
Wings: Brown.
Relationship: None.

Sophiel: Ascerbic and sharp, Sophiel doesn't suffer fools gladly. Despite that, she is absolutely committed to protecting and honouring humanity and all of Earth's creations. She has no time for demons and is gifted with technology. She is completely loyal to Tzadkiel and Brieus. She fights with a liu-ye-dao, a Chinese saber and fights in the style of medieval China.
Titles: Intelligence of Jupiter (corresponding to Tzadkiel), Angel of the Moon.
Power: Blue.
Appearance: Slender with long, black hair, she appears as a Chinese woman in her mid-twenties.
Wings: Brown and white.
Relationship: Suspected to be involved with Tzadkiel and Brieus.

Brieus: Brieus enjoys a cigar and snifter of Scotch from time to time. He is quietly spoken and defers to Tzadkiel and Sophiel. He has a great love for the South Americas and loves the jungles as much as the towns and cities. He has a quick temper and is as quick to regain his good mood as he is to lose it. Has been described as mercurial in his moods, and has a great respect for humanity. He fights with a Spanish saber, in the tradition of the 15th Century, with plate armour.
Titles: Angel of Demon Hunting.
Power: Blue.
Appearance: Latino, with blue eyes, like all angels save for Michael. Well-muscled, he works out regularly and spars with Sophiel frequently.
Wings: Brown.
Relationship: Suspected to be involved with Tzadkiel and Sophiel.

Asaf: Eager to please and first to volunteer for hard work, Asaf is one of the Seraphim under the command of Gabriel. He is good natured and friendly though he is very naive, and is shocked by poverty and cruelty. He has difficulty understanding humanity but is eager to learn. He is obedient to his orders, following them to the letter. He fights with a single-handed sword, like Uriel.
Titles: Angel of Evening Hymns.
Power: Silver-blue.
Appearance: Solemn faced male, with dark hair and beard, and warm brown eyes. His form is from north-eastern Israel.
Wings: Brown.
Relationship: None.

Vel: A happy-go-lucky personality, Vel is loyal and obedient to the commands of his CO, Gabriel. He is good friends with Asaf and like Asaf and Camael, has rarely been on Earth and is quite naive. He fights with a single-handed sword, like Uriel.
Titles: Angel of Wednesday.
Power: Silver-blue.
Appearance: Sunny faced male with a shock of fiery auburn hair and freckles dusted over his nose and cheeks.
Wings: Brown.
Relationship: None.


John: Adopted son of Gabriel, killed during the Seventy Years War. Born in South America in a compound run by a religious cult. He was rescued as a baby, off the altar as he was about to be sacrificed by the cult leader and his mother. Raised by Gabriel ever since, first in Wisconsin and then in Oregon. Quiet and shy, good with horses and devoted to his sister and Gabriel and Samael, who he calls Uncle Sammy.

Mira: Adopted daughter of Gabriel, killed during the Seventy Years War. She was abandoned and found by Gabriel, with a note pinned to her dress, asking whoever found her to take care of her. Gabriel took her home and raised her with John. Bubbly and outgoing, with long blonde hair and green eyes, a beautiful young woman who worked first at a bakery and then, once Gabriel moved them to Oregon, at the local fish shop. Very protective of John, adored Gabriel and Samael, also called Uncle Sammy.

Lia Darguill: Operative of evil who worked out of a textbook warehouse in Atlanta, Georgia, devoted to Bob Tayton and his planned new world order. Worked with demons and trafficked in Fallen Angel charms to protect demons from being detected by angels. Had shoulder length bright auburn hair and an austere manner. She considers herself to be the one who will bear Taytton a son, the true heir to his legacy. Killed by Samael.

Bob Tayton: Megalomaniac who believed himself to be the reincarnation of a French saint named SÚcaire. Made an alliance with a Fallen Angel to open a portal between Earth and Hell and usher in a war and a new world order with himself as ultimate world dictator. Is married, and terrorires his wife. Runs a cult in the Adirondaks. Killed by Gabriel.

Ishtahar: High Priestess of Semjaza, Prince of the Grigori. Born in the city of Eden at the dawn of Creation. Forced to bear children to Semjaza, mother of the first Nephilim--half human, half angel hybrids. Punished by God to live forever, a punishment she has turned into a blessing by devoting her life to helping those in need, particularly abused women and children. Runs a group of halfway houses and shelters with Agrat. Involved in a very long term relationship with Archangel Remiel, which began just after Noah's Flood ended. Her two sons are Hiwa and the younger Ahijah. She has a brand on her inner left arm, the name Hashem, which was burned there by Semjaza.

Hiwa: Elder son of Ishtahar, hates his father, Semjaza and feels nothing but loathing for him. Has spent most of his life living as an assassin, working predominantely for the Russian mafia. Is extensively tattooed with various Russian prison tattoos and has a high standing in the ranks of the Russian prison inmate population as well as the Russian mafia. Absolutely loyal to Ishtahar and his brother, fond of Remiel and Michael, calling the latter Uncle Mike.

Ahijah: Younger son of Ishtahar, also hates his father, Semjaza. Has devoted his life to God, living and working as a priest, finally settling in Brazil and protecting a small village on the banks of Lake Titicaca, where the few surviving Nephilim hide from Uriel. Until God ended the order to kill all Nephilim, Uriel had been determined to kill them on sight. Ahijah is a quiet, sensitive man, with an understated humour and is very intelligent and well-read. Likes Remiel a great deal and thinks he's good for his mother.

Eleanora: A French witch, living in Provence. She has purple hair and many tattoos, and loves to cook. She is good friends with Archangels Raziel and Uriel. Her closest human friend is Lyudmila and Lyudmila's partner, Piotr.

Jihu: A shaman, living in North Korea in a communal farm with his family, hides his talents from prying eyes and ears. Is frightened of outsiders and appearing as anything unusual to the local militia.

Sorella: A wise-woman, living in the Congo, in the slums. A happy and cheerful woman with a full-bellied laugh. Her skin is very dark due to spending a lot of time outside and her magic is earth magic, using herbs and various concoctions. She is also a herbalist and healer.

Frank: A former Cistercian monk, now a Hermit. He lives on the island of St. Kilda, off the north coast of Scotland. Blind, he hides his hermitage with magic and lives a life of solitude, prayer and magic to protect the Earth.

Khenbish: Khenbish lives in Mongolia, he's a shaman and a Buddhist, he's very, very old and very, very revered by the Mongolians. His name means 'Nobody' which confuses evil spirits.

Iolana: A shamaness living in Hawaii, very shy but kind and cheerful, she lives with her girlfriend and loves to surf. She is blonde and blue eyed and has powerful visions. Her name means 'to soar like an eagle.'

Wilara: Wilara is a Wajarri Elder living on the traditional tribal lands of the Wajarri People in Western Australia. Talkative and friendly, he has a taste for billy tea and spends much of his time wandering around the land with his dog.

Lyudmila: She is pale and thin, with long, curly black hair that falls to her waist. As a child, she was orphaned and adopted by the old King of the Eastern Bloc Weres, who then made her his heir. Now, she is Queen of the Eastern Bloc Weres and has two shifter shapes--a wolf and a mink. Has an antique samovar that reminds her of her adopted father, that she uses to make coffee. She is sometimes prickly and her focus is the protection and safety of her people. Has talent with magic and with visions. Is Russian but now lives in Yerevan, capital of Armenia.

Piotr: Bears a striking resemblence to Lenin. Is Russian, but lives in Yerevan with Lyudmila and is her consort. His shifter shape is that of an eagle. He is suspicious by nature and very protective of Lyudmila and his people.

Arkady: A Russian shifter, discovered to be a traitor aligned with the succubus Naamah.

Olga: A Russian shifter, who is good friends with Lyudmila and Piotr.

Vasily: A Russian shifter, killed by his lover, Arkady.

Larissa: An Armenian shifter, good friend to Lyudmila and Piotr.

Minnie: An Australian witch who lives by the sea in a house with a large garden for growing herbs for magic and cooking. Makes amulets and protection stones. Formerly a thief, known as No Hands Minnie. Has short dark hair and bright blue eyes.

Max/Mobius: Extremely talented hacker and partner to Minnie, living with her and their cat. Has dark blond hair and green-blue eyes, is known for being able to dig up hidden information.

Horace: A member of the Brotherhood of Midnight, an extremely expensive group of assassins.

Chloe: A young woman working for the British Library in London in the rare books and manuscripts department. Good friends with Penemuel, the Grigori. Has black hair with bright blue streaks and is a fearless, excitement-loving young woman with a lust for life.

susan: Chloe's mother and Penemuel's landlady.

Angelique: Alpha of a Venatores pack. Is a dark grey wolf shifter, formerly US Airforce. Is of Mexican descent, raised in Texas and has long, dark hair and brown eyes. Speaks English, Spanish and Latin, is a forceful personality, given to swearing and enjoys sex, is bisexual, loves her tequila and is protective of her pack. Is in a relationship of sorts with Declan.

Lily: Beta of Angelique's pack, is an Englishwoman, formerly of the British Army. She is tiny--barely five foot tall--and has close cropped, white blonde hair and blue eyes. Is married to Danny, another member of the pack, and her shifter is a grey wolf.

Baxter: Cappa of Angelique's pack. Formerly a US Marine, suffering PTSD. His shifter shape is an Arctic white wolf. Is a fan of pop culture and puns, and loves surfing. Born and raised in California, his lover was killed in the Seventy Years War. He had a crush on Archangel Michael and is now in a relationship with Liam.

Danny: Cappa of Angelique's pack. Also a former US Marine, born and raised in Georgia. Adores his wife, Lily, and is frequently the voice of calm reason in the pack. His shifter shape is a grey wolf.

Riley: Omega of Angelique's pack and the pack medic. Formerly a US Marine medic, was injured during the Seventy Years War and now has trouble with his vision, and difficulty distinguishing colours. Is extremely shy and timid. His shifter shape is a red rock wolf.

Declan Jones: Shifter and older brother of Liam. Raised in Guam by friends of Gabriel, Agrat and Shateiel's. Worked for some years in the US Army. Loves old trucks and motorcycles. Is of medium height and build with dark hair and green eyes and light freckles on his nose. His shifter shape, to his embarrasment, is a Yorkshire terrier. Is in a relationship of sorts with Angelique. Has a tattoo on his left bicep of a Latin spell to protect against evil.

Liam Jones: Younger brother of Declan. Quiet and studious, gifted with magic, is also a Necromancer, one of the strongest ones alive in the world. Worked as a police officer before he and Declan set out together to work as demon trackers. In a relationship with Baxter. Has a tattoo on his inner left arm of a protection charm in Sanskrit.

Anna: Wolf shifter, Venatores, lives in the building owned by Michael in Oregon. Russian, mother to two young children and married to Robert.

Robert: Fox shifter, Venatores, lives in the building owned by Michael in Oregon. American, father to Anna's children.

Sebastian Bloome: Individual involved in the kidnap and sale of angels on the black market. Owns a media conglomerate. Purely interested in profit. Has made a deal with two Archdemons, Marchosias and Uphir, for protection and hiding spells and wards. Is killed by Uriel.


Lucifer: King of Hell. A Fallen Angel, the first Fallen Angel, who dropped into Hell after being thrown out of Heaven by Michael after the war between angelkind. A third of angels went with Lucifer, and many of the first demons in Hell were created out of Lucifer's rage. Is a charming and urbane personality, with a fondness for priceless antiques. Is a thoughtful, introspective individual, who has grown to love and care for Hell and all of those within it who are there by choice. Is very good friends with the Archdemon Adramelek, one of the first angels to Fall.
Titles: King of Hell, Lightbringer, The Morningstar, Lucifer, Prince of Lies, Lord of Deceit, Lord of the Flies, The Devil, Satan.
Power: White. Is almost omniscient, nearly as much as God.
Appearance: Handsome male, olive skin and black hair with blue eyes. Has pure white wings.
Relationship: In a relationship with Lilith.

Adramelek: Sly and sarcastic, unquestionably loyal to Lucifer. Is extremely fond of Russia and has a dacha in his part of Hell. Enjoys rank and all its priveleges but does not seek to be rewarded for following Lucifer's orders.
Titles: Formerly a member of the choir of angels called the Thrones. Archdemon of fire, great minister and chancelor of the Order of the Fly, president of Satan's private council, the High Council of Devils, President of the Order of Glass Knives.
Power: Silver-black.
Appearance: Handsome, medium height and well-toned physique. Short light brown hair and blue eyes and pouty lips.
Relationship: None. Finds relationships either ridiculous or revolting, depending on his mood when asked his opinion.

Ondrass: Cultured, urbane, delights in giving offense to humans and angelkind. Is sarcastic and extremely intelligent and cunning. Good friends with Adramelek, though has a healthy fear of Lucifer. One of the first demons created, born out of Lucifer's fury just after his fall into Hell. Delights in decadence and the finer--and expensive--things in life.
Titles: Archdemon of Discord, Grand Marquis of Hell, Lucifer's personal hitman, member of the Order of Glass Knives.
Power: Black.
Appearance: Ondrass appears as an extremely wealthy, well-dressed Chinese man. Comparison is made between him and a Chinese gangster. Has a fondness for clothing made out of endangered or extinct animals.
Relationship: In a relationship with his personal assistant, Markus.

Melcherisa: Archdemon who has a nasty sense of humour. His current form was taken when a young surfer made a deal with him for fame and fortune but did not put any limits on it, and so Melcherisa took his body and has possessed him ever since. Has little time for angels, although he has respect for Ondrass and Adramelek and is terrified of Lucifer.
Titles: Archdemon of Darkness, Governor of the Base Natures of Hell, member of the Guild of Glass Knives.
Power: Dark grey.
Appearance: Light brown hair, brown eyes, slim but muscular build, appears as a man in his early twenties.
Relationship: None.

Lix Tetrax: A beautiful woman who appears as a seductress and temptress, leading humans to their doom. Lix Tetrax also has some skill with healing. She is intelligent and utterly evil and delights in being an Archdemon. Loves modern art and architecture and her home in Hell is a glass and chrome modern mansion.
Titles: Duchess of Whirlwinds, High Priestess of Fevers and Member of the Order of the Fly, member of the Guild of Knives.
Power: Silver-grey.
Appearance: Long, blonde hair, green eyes, slender, often wears velvet.
Relationship: None.

Ba'al: Absolutely loyal to Lucifer and loves him as a father-figure. Ba'al obeys Lucifer's orders without question.
Titles: Seneschal to Lucifer, Butler to Lucifer.
Power: Grey.
Appearance: Medium height, dark hair and eyes, pale skin.
Relationship: None.

Sprite: Adramelek's hell-cat, ginger coloured, with a fondness for tuna and fresh fish.

Uphir: An older appearing man with a receeding hairline, wears glasses and has a gaunt face and frame. He is often wearing clothing that is rumpled and stained and he is tall and speaks with a very soft voice. Not well liked by anyone in Hell. Is taken to suffer Lucifer's judgement by Ondrass and Adramelek.
Titles: Archdemon of Medicine and Science, Hell's Physician.
Power: Muddy-brown.
Appearance: Tall, thin, cadaverous-looking, receeding grey hair and narrow face.
Relationship: None.

Marchosias: Smarmy and obsequieous, much impressed by his own sense of self-worth. Is killed by Adramelek on the orders of Lucifer.
Titles: Marquis of Wolves.
Power: Kahki-green.
Appearance: Slightly overweight, receeding ginger hair and hazel eyes, bad teeth and a crooked smile.
Relationship: None.

Markus: A sarcastic and witty individual, intelligent and a good conversationalist. Has worked for Ondrass for millenia, and is absolutely loyal to him and to Lucifer, though he is terrified by the latter. Lives with Ondrass and enjoys the finer things in life.
Titles: Personal Assistant to the Archdemon of Discord.
Power: Grey.
Appearance: Medium height, balding dark hair, dark eyes, round face and stocky build.
Relationship: In a relationship with Ondrass.

Lilith: The first wife of Adam, and prior to that, the consort of God Himself, Lilith is the first scorned woman and the first strong woman to say no to a man. After she left Adam, she wandered in the wilderness and mothered giants, the monsters of ancient mythology. Originally named Lilitu, she met Lucifer in the desert and they spent a long time in conversation. Unlike Adam, Lucifer listened to and respected her words, and he was attracted to her not just for her beauty but for her mind. Lilith has long, auburn curly hair and green eyes and is the oldest of the four sisters of succubi. Agrat, Eisheth and Naamah are her sisters. She has lived in Hell as Lucifer's consort since the early days of Eden. Titles: Consort of Lucifer, Eater of Infants, The First Adultress, Consort of Yahweh, Mother of Giants.
Power: Red.
Appearance: A beautiful woman with a lush figure, with curly auburn hair that reaches to her waist and green eyes.
Relationship: Consort to Lucifer.


Shamsiel: A Fallen Angel, of the choir of the Grigori. Made a deal with Bob Taytton, providing feathers from his own wings to make charms to hide demons from being detected by angels in exchange for dominion on Earth. Formerly the Grigori of Astrology. Is killed while under torture at the command of Lucifer.

Semjaza: Prince of the Grigori, imprisoned in the constellation of Aquila by Gabriel in the last days of Eden. His punishment was for corrupting humanity and breeding with human women, most notably his high priestess, Ishtahar, whom he forced to be his wife. Is the father of Hiwa and Ahijah and considers himself the true overlord of Earth. Is vain and prejudiced, has a burning hatred of Gabriel and Remiel. He is tall and slender with white-blond hair and blue eyes and olive skin. He is a talented magician, although his power isn't as strong as he thinks it is. Is pulled down to Hell and suffers in the Lake of Frozen Souls, tortured personally by Lucifer.

Azazel: Closest friend and ally of Semjaza, Grigori of Weaponary and Make-up. Has lived in Paris, France, since managing to escape from Hell, where he was thrown by Michael and Uriel. His only goal is to serve Semjaza and do as Semjaza asks.

Penemuel: A Grigori who escaped from Hell in the first century after the death of Christ. He has kept a low profile, working in libraries, and refusing to use his power. Is a self-confessed coward, loves tea, and resembles a university professor. Has a pet cat and his best friends are Chloe and her mother, Susan, and the two Grigori named Baraqiel and Kokabiel. Was the Grigori of Writing and Reading, and was thrown into Hell as part of the punishment of his choir who disobeyed God while living in Eden.

Baraqiel: Grigori of Astronomy and Astrology, he escaped with Penemuel, and has spent his days since living in hiding in Belgium. In the modern world, he works as an astro-physicist at the Belgian Observatory, and lives with Kokabiel, with whom he is in a relationship.

Kokabiel: Grigori of Astronomy and Astrology, escaped with Baraqiel and Penemuel and has spent his days since, living in hiding in Belgium. In the modern world, he works as an astro-physicist at the Belgian Observatory and lives with Baraqiel, with whom he is in a relationship.

Eisheth: Youngest of the Four Succubi Sisters, Eisheth was kind and gentle and spent her time living among the stars, comforting those who fell to earth as they died. Killed and used as a sacrifice, her soul now resides among the stars.

Naamah: Last of the Four Succubi Sisters, she used to live in the seas of the Earth, but moved to Purgatory during the Seventy Years War. Has two children, twins, whose father is unknown. Is completely evil and exists solely for revenge on God and Lucifer and to create chaos everywhere. Her twin children are terrified of her and are named Arthur and Morgana, after the Arthurian legends.

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